The Office at Redeemer

This is pure joy. Even if you don’t know these people, you’ll appreciate this humor.

Travis Cardwell writes:

Here it is. . . the video that introduced our Family Camp this year—an exclusive look at the elders ironing out the final details of our retreat.

Big thanks to Jason Allison for his wonderful work on this video. It could not have turned out better. Let me preface this video with a few things:

1) If you are new to Redeemer, this will become funnier as you stick around. . . and see how we are making fun of ourselves. If you’ve been around a while, prepare to laugh.

2) My son (Brayton) actually got hit will a baseball at Family Camp. He has still has the baseball threads on his forehead to prove it. You’ll see the irony when you watch the video.

3) No we are not endorsing the television show, The Office. We simply thought the format would provide a hilarious context to make fun of ourselves and get folks excited about Family Camp. I hope it worked!

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  1. What is unchristian about an oxymoran??

    My baby boy surely looks good in that video. I’m glad you let him talk, too. I love the sound of his voice….

    Think you could send that video to a television station? Maybe they will hire him to do commercials.

    One of those people, and I believe many of you have a direct line, is not on his knees quite enough for David to find a J O B ! ! !

    Don’t you just love Dave and Katie together?!!!

    After “family camp” could we start a “Find David a paying job!” campaign…. I think he’ll find his nitch if we could just hit on the right thing!!!

    Thank you for loving our children!!!!

  2. Wow, such weighty matters. Travis, my pastoral mentor often said to me that if I knew the problems I would face as a pastor, I would not pursue the calling. Indeed these deep (?) issues that you are dealing with are enough to make you pull out your hair. We recently began the process of affiliation with the SBC. I was troubled that some of our members don’t approve of the BF&M because it isn’t Calvinistic enough. But that is such a minor problem compared to the issues of insurance, titles, sports at camp and the use of computers and iPhones. I’m sure if Harold O.J. Brown wrote his book “Heresies” today these top-shelf issues would have to be covered.

    Travis, I’ll pray for you.

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