From the Makers of Modern Parables: Visual Latin

Looking for help learning Latin or teaching it to your kids? Here’s a great deal for a limited time:

Visual Latin | Lessons 1 to 10 Complete [Single/Family]

Price: $25.00 (excluding tax)

Ok, this is a really special, very low, tell-all-your friends intro price.  It is extremelyinexpensive for this product.  We are not sure how long we will offer it for this price, so if you have any interest in Visual Latin, we would encourage you to buy it today.  Really.

These 10 lessons are the first half of the first semester of Visual Latin.  Go to VisualLatin.comfor free previews and further information.

Each lesson includes 3 videos: GrammarSentences, & Reading and 3 PDFs: Instructions,Worksheets, and Answers.

Four free introductory lessons here.


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