New SBJT on Theological Interpretation of Scripture

I just received my copy of The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 14.2 (2010), and the theme of the issue is Theological Interpretation of Scripture.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Editorial: Stephen J. Wellum, “Reflecting upon the ‘Theological Interpretation of Scripture’,” 2-3.

Daniel J. Treier and Uche Anizor, “Theological Interpretation of Scripture and Evangelical Systematic Theology: Iron Sharpening Iron?” 4-17

Stephen Dempster, “‘A Light in a Dark Place’: A Tale of Two Kings and Theological Interpretation of the Old Testament,” 18-26

Gregg R. Allison, “Theological Interpretation of Scripture: An Introduction and Preliminary Evaluation,” 28-36

Keith Goad, “Gregory as a Model of Theological Interpretation of Scripture,” 38-52

Robert L. Plummer, “Righteousness and Peace Kiss: The Reconciliation of Authorial Intent and Biblical Typology,” 54-61

James M. Hamilton Jr., “John Sailhamer’s The Meaning of the Pentateuch: A Review Essay,” 62-76

The SBJT Forum, contributions from Kevin J. Vanhoozer (78-80), Keith E. Johnson (80-81), Graham Cole (82-83), and Everett Berry (83-84)

Book Reviews by J. D. Greear, Mark T. Coppenger, Jason S. DeRouchie, Jason G. Duesing, James M. Hamilton Jr., Michael A. G. Haykin, Chuck Lawless, Robert L. Plummer, Mark A. Seifrid, M. David Sills, and Jeff K. Walters

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