Ezra 4: In the World You Will Have Trouble

God glorifies himself as the weak overcome the proud and strong by faith, and these triumphs are like God’s creative surprises–he makes butterflies from caterpillars and oaks from acorns.

Here’s my attempt to exposit Ezra 4: In the World You Will Have Trouble.

The chapter is arranged thematically rather than chronologically. Here’s a chart that lays out the contents and timeline of Ezra 4:

Ezra 4:1–5

The Time of Cyrus to Darius

538 – 530, reign of Cyrus

522 – 486, reign of Darius

Ezra 4:6–7

The time of Ahasuerus to Artaxerxes

485 – 464, reign of Ahasuerus (cf. Esther)

464 – 423, reign of Artaxerxes

Ezra 4:8–16

Rehum’s Letter to Artaxerxes

464 – 423, Reign of Artaxerxes
Ezra 4:9–23

The Response of Artaxerxes

Ezra 4:23 could be the setting for the news Nehemiah received in 445 BC (cf. Neh 1:1–3)
Ezra 4:24

Return to the Time of Darius

520 BC “second year of the reign of Darius”

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