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  1. I would also mention that in his own mind Lebron is pursuing happiness. This was the advice he got from his mother that he should do what is going to make him happy. For him this meant less money and less of the spotlight, being that it will be shared by two others now. The sad thing is that we don’t know what will really make us happy.

  2. I wonder how he felt about the reaction the Cleveland fans gave him…..

    It was heartening to see that part of his decision included “sharing the limelight:!

  3. Ricky,

    When you mentioned sharing the spotlight in Miami, it reminded me of what Lebron said in his “decision” interview. The interviewer asked him whether he was going to be okay with sharing the spotlight with D. Wade and C. Bosh.

    He said, “For me, it’s not about sharing. It’s about everybody getting their *own* spotlight.”

    Now that’s team spirit.

  4. We see this in the ministry sometimes too. I was at a breakfast with a bunch of ministers from the local Baptist Association and it was kind of a surprise to see the pastors segregate themselves by order of perceived importance. The Pastors of the big First Baptist churches sat next to each other and gave short answers to anyone who said anything to them. The bi-vocartional pastors and pastors of the smaller churches were kind of looked down on. You’d wouldn’t think that earthly ambition and pride in accomplishments would be as blatant in a group of ministers as in professional athletes or anywhere else but it is.

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