Disappointing Fulfillment: Ezra 3

Yesterday at Kenwood it was my privilege to preach Ezra 3. The main point of the sermon was that safety is only to be found in obedient worship to God. This grows out of the way that the returnees respond to their fear of the inhabitants of the land by building the altar and renewing Israel’s worship according to the instructions in the Law of Moses (Ezra 3:3). The other side of this main point is that sin will rob you of joy and endanger your life. We see this in Ezra 3 as the returnees mingle joy and weeping at the foundation of the temple in Ezra 3:12-13.

This weeping also indicates that while certain prophecies are being fulfilled in the return to the land, the dramatic end time restoration promised in the prophets awaits future fulfillment. So in the midst of the fulfillment of prophecy, they are disappointed, and yet they are safe as they obey God and worship.

Thanks to Josh Philpot for his kind words about something that happened last week, and for his ministry in getting these sermons online.

May the Lord bless his word. Disappointing Fulfillment: Ezra 3.

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  1. Dr. Hamilton,
    It was a very good sermon. God used you mightily in my life Sunday. It truly was good to be in the house of the Lord.
    I found it amazing that people would leave their homes “vacant and vulnerable” as they went to worship God.
    This week I am having to ask myself question on what is making my worldview.

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