Piano Hymns

We are blessed at Kenwood Baptist Church to be led in worship by Josh Philpot, Associate Pastor extraordinaire.

You’ll love his work on the piano. He writes:

Here are twelve hymns I recorded on piano for my wife as a birthday gift in April (she really liked it!). I thought some of you may enjoy them. Many thanks to Andrew Case for the mix, and for Clifton Baptist Church for letting me use their piano!

I Will Glory in My Redeemer

In Christ Alone

Amazing Grace

Before the Throne of God Above

Come Thou Fount

Holy, Holy, Holy

How Sweet and Aweful is the Place

Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners

My Jesus, I Love Thee

The Power of the Cross

Trust and Obey

I Surrender All

I had to minimize the files, so unfortunately the quality is not the best. Also, most of these were recorded on the first take so you may here mistakes here or there (i.e. copyist errors…).

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  1. Thanks for posting these great hymns, Jim! I grew up attending a Southern Baptist Church and remember so many of these great tunes from my youth. I also remember my mother and grandmother humming these hymns as they worked around the house, so hearing them always brings dual emotions; the focus that each places on Jesus and on God’s love for us, and also the memories I have of the Godly women in my heritage. I’m so thankful for both.

    My wife and I attend a Church of the Nazarene church now and have for almost twenty years. They have some great hymns of their own, but there’s nothing like the old favorites I grew up with in the Baptist church in Atlanta.

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