Rob Plummer on Theological Interpretation of Scripture

I can’t improve on JT’s recommendation of Rob Plummer’s book, but I will say that it is a required text for my Hermeneutics course this fall.

I very much appreciate his judicious description of Theological Interpretation of Scripture (TIS), and I found his projections about where it’s going worth noting:

Initial euphoria over this new middle ground in biblical scholarship will likely give way to splintering. The issue of ultimate authority (Scripture? tradition? human reason?) will cause liberal Protestants, evangelicals, and Roman Catholics to part ways. Evangelicals will likely face division among themselves–some enamored with the broader academy’s praise of TIS at the expense of biblical faithfulness.

A generational divide also will likely characterize evangelicals. Some younger evangelicals who embrace TIS will denigrate the work of their exegetical forefathers. Older evangelicals will misunderstand and dismiss the new movement, uncritically lumping it together with other recent trends (the emergent church, postmodern theology, post-conservative theology).

In spite of some dour expectations, I genuinely hope that my fears are unfounded and that the better aspects of the movement (especially the call for reverent submission to Scripture) influence evangelical colleges, seminaries, and churches for years to come.

–Robert L. Plummer, 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible, 318-19.

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