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  1. Your brother is not alone. Awhile back a friend of mine got charged with assault outside an abortion clinic when no such thing happened. They’ve been through hell with courts, judges, witnesses.

    Julie Bird had a diaper bag over her shoulder, her child in one arm, and a stack of tracts in the other arm. On a public sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic, she had a peaceful, gentle, pleading conversation with a woman passing by. So how did this result in her being charged with assault (even though there was no physical contact or threatening gestures) and then ultimately convicted of disorderly conduct a year and a half later? Are laws that define “disorderly conduct” as that which is an “inconvenience” or “annoyance” vulnerable to the abuse of agenda-driven judges?

    Bill and I talk to Julie’s husband, Andy Bird.

    Direct link to MP3

  2. I do wonder when framed in the way you have (Nazi-esque doctors being hired by mothers to assasinate their children), why wouldn’t someone wonder why your brother (or anyone else) didn’t do more than just plead with someone not to murder? Doesn’t this way of framing the issue agree with people who target abortion doctors or go to other extremes to prevent abortions (kidnapping or lying maybe)?

    How would you approach/address those who see it that way and in fact do they have legitimate arguments (I don’t think so but that may be because I don’t necessarily see the abortion issue the same way as you)?

  3. Does your brother need any assistance for court costs? What a wicked generation we live in. We better wake up!


  4. The baby boy in my tummy is 22 weeks old today. He kicks and flips. We told our families of his life on this day, except for David…we couldn’t exactly get a hold of him until the next day. I’m thankful for my brothers.

  5. The man who cuts, plucks, and sucks babies out of their mothers’ wombs with a knife, forceps, and a vacuum drives home in his Mercedes while I spend 11 and 1/2 hours in jail.

    -The Brother

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