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  1. “If you don’t believe in the God we say the behavior offends, why do you need to punish us for saying the behavior offends him? Are we not harmless to you?”

    Love it! And Brian’s Diognetus quote. Thanks.

    It is getting a little concerning over here in the UK and I can only see it getting worse. I have no doubt that, as a pastor and preacher here in the UK, I will spend time in jail at some point for my teaching.

    There seems to be little that can be done (other than pray) to prevent the day coming. All we can do is get ourselves ready so that we suffer in joy. It just may do the church a whole bunch of good…

  2. America’s level of freedom of speech may be unique among the nations of the world. Protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the freedom of speech flows directly from the preceding clause: Freedom of Religion. They are not separate nor divisible. Infringement upon one, is a direct infringement upon the other. When preachers of the gospel are arrested in this nation for being obedient to their call, we will have ceased to be a free nation indeed.

    May we always fear God rather than man, and be true to His Word, regardless of the cost.

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