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When the ESV Study Bible came out, all the members of my immediate family received copies as their Christmas gift that year. I wrote this to give them with their new Bible. I read it as the conclusion of a recent sermon at Kenwood. What a blessing to have the Bible!

This the Book

This the book that tells the story
Of the Lord and all his glory
The world’s Creator, strong and free
Ever One, ever Three

He made the world and made it good
His image placed in Eden’s wood
Rebellion there wrought sin and death
Loss of life, end of breath

But when the Lord there cursed the snake
A solemn promise he did make
The woman’s seed would crush his head
On evil he would tread

From Eden then there was exile
Because God’s presence they defiled
And in the story of this book
We read of all it took

To raise man up and set him free
In God’s presence again to be
God’s mercy here is on display
And so to you I say

Behold the book of hope and life
It sings of Christ and how through strife
He did indeed on evil tread
Dying, he crushed Satan’s head

Then rose again to justify
All those who on him do rely
For he alone this work can do
He alone can save you

And so this book to you I give
Hoping and praying you will live
By faith in promises made here
Trust replacing all your fear

So take this book, my friend, and read
Its pages will meet every need
And we will sing the praise of Christ
Who by his death gives life

November 15, 2008

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  1. Within this sacred volume lies
    The mystery of mysteries
    happiest they of human race
    To whom their God hath given grace
    To read, to hope, to fear to pray
    To lift the latch, to force thew way
    But better had they n’ere been born
    Who read to mock or read to scorn.

    Sir Walter Scott

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