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  1. Jim,
    I so appreciate the honest comments. You are humble and real, and it encourages me to know you are teaching others who will be in “their first pastorate”.

  2. Dr. Hamilton,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and being so honest about them. This article was a great encouragement!

    See you in class on monday!

    Bryan Baise

  3. I think your first point “Jesus keeps his promise his way” may be the hardest thing to not only learn, but to live your life like you believe it. It is SO easy to let our promises to ourselves become “Jesus’ promises.”

  4. What I learned in my first pastorate-

    1. If you preach God’s Word, not everybody will receive it faith and allow it to change their life-some people really will hate you.

    2. If you preach the gospel, that is, the cross, then some dirty looking people will come in off the streets and be saved.

    3. If they’re not dressed right some of the church people will be offended,

    4. Many Americans in the churches would rather be pragmatic than biblical.

    5. You better have a prayer life.

    6. Fasting works.

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