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  1. Jim,
    Do you find it odd that there is no “Commitment” in this document which actually speaks about the Great Commission? One would think that a resurgence of the Great Commission would be an explicit statement regarding World Missions/Outreach/etc in its key document. Am I missing something?

  2. I did read the first 2 articles, and even after a re-reading I would argue that there is very little there that I could put together into a meaningful statement about carrying the Gospel to the lost. It seems that this statement is so focused on a “revival” of the Gospel in the SBC and much less to do with making disciples of all nations through Gospel proclamation. I am NOT at all saying that proclamation is not hinted at or mentioned as an aside. I guess I just hoped that an SBC re-centering would have the proclamation of the Lordship of Christ in those places where He is not known, worship, or obeyed listed as one among its various articles. The name of the resurgence itself, then, in my mind, is a little misleading. Perhaps Gospel Centered Resurgence or SBC Core Identity Resurgence. I absolutely love the articles that are included, just a little disappointed that a Re-Centering in the Gospel, which has historically resulting in greater outreach when it is Spirit-filled and genuine, doesn’t include an EXPLICIT statement regarding the very idea from which its name is drawn. That I have to work to find it should tell us something.

  3. I post an email from Nathan Finn with his permission:


    We would argue that the proclamation of the gospel among the nations permeates the entire document and is specifically mentioned in several articles. We are already doing global missions. We are simply calling for a healthier SBC that will unite around what we are already doing and do it more effectively (in every sense of the word).


  4. Thanks Jim and Nathan. You know, in a way, my question is actually part of the problem that this document is trying to correct. I apologize for focusing on something that I felt should be made unambiguously explicity instead of really focusing on the tremendous good that is found in the document. I can, as I mentioned previously, give a hearty amen to all the articles, and I pray the God through His Spirit working in His People by the power of the Cross would make this articles into realities in each local body as well as the denomination itself! Praise God for the Great Commission Resurgence.

  5. I wholeheartedly support the GCR and loved Danny Akin’s “axioms” message, but I’m not sure what it accomplishes if I sign the website. I can see how it matters when seminary professors, convention presidents, and famous pastors put their signatures on it, but what about mine? I don’t have a recognizable name or really any influence at all outside of my church. Who is going to care?

    Part of the reason I ask is that I signed the SBECI document online shortly after it came out. I can’t see that my signature accomplished anything other than getting asked questions about it when I interviewed for my current ministry position.

    So I guess what I’m really asking is whether you think a large number of signatures will actually make any difference. And if so, who are we influencing that can institute real changes?

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