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I have recently come into possession of the resource rich Logos Gold. As I prepare to travel this weekend, I’m installing the software on my laptop. My suspicion is that most everyone younger than me, along anyone more techno-savvy than me (which includes most people), will prefer digital books to the printed and bound kind. I’m very grateful to have this program available.

Andy Naselli has thoroughly reviewed the product, and I can’t improve on his analysis. I can, though, pass on what might be the best compliment Logos could possibly receive.

The other day in my Hebrew Syntax class students were asking me about the various Bible software programs available. I basically said that if you have a Mac you should use Accordance, which I have never used, but about which people I know who use it are far more excited than I tend to get about computer programs. I can’t begin to summarize the enthusiasm I sense from these people about Accordance, and that informs this compliment that Logos received.

You see, in the back of the class sat a student with his Mac there on the desk in front of him, and as I’m going on and on about how the Mac people love to talk about Accordance, he raises his hand and says: “I’ve got a copy of Accordance that I’m looking to sell on the cheap.” I was in the midst of saying, “Let’s make a deal,” when one of the students in the class beat me to it.

So I said to this student who was dumping Accordance, “I don’t get it, why are you selling Accordance?”

He says: “I’ve got Logos. I love Logos. I heard so many good things about Accordance that I thought I should buy it and try it out. I tried it. Who needs it if you have Logos?”

If you’ve seen as many people as I have jubilate over finally getting a Mac so they can use Accordance, you know that’s a compliment!

Thanks to all the folks at Logos who seek to facilitate the study of the Bible.

May the Lord bless their efforts with fruitful students who put their products to faithful use!

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  1. Hey Dr. Hamilton –

    You snooze, you lose! 🙂 Have a great, safe trip to Texas.


  2. I have Bibleworks on my desktop and Accordance on my laptop. Both are helpful, easy to navigate, and offer a variety of products (such as Metzger, IVP Dictionaries, DSS, BDAG, Halot, textual apparatus, commentaries). In the end my preference is Bibleworks, mainly because the interface is much more user-friendly than Accordance. But this is my humble opinion. I’ve never tried Logos, although I did find it amusing that the demonstration of the exegetical tools in the promotional video for the new Mac version committed one of Carson’s exegetical fallacies (http://www.logos.com/mac)!

    – Josh

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