Keeping Holiday, by Starr Meade

“I love this book! I am so glad I am reading this book. You have got to read it!”

Those are usually phrases that go out of my mouth into my wife’s ears, but this time she was saying these things to me!

She absolutely loved Starr Meade’s Keeping Holiday, and she has me convinced. I’m eager to read it. I tend to read fiction when I travel, so if I don’t read it before my next flight, I hope to then.

For an interview with Starr Meade on the book, see the Crossway Blog.

If you’re not sold on Keeping Holiday yet, let me add this: my sweet wife has an MA in biblical studies, and she is far more intelligent than I am. A book that impresses her has got to be good! Moreover, she read it aloud to our five year old, and he never wanted her to stop reading and raved about it every night at dinner. This book accomplished the difficult task of capturing the heart of a homeschooling mother and a five year old boy.

Congrats to Starr Meade, and thanks to Crossway for what I anticipate to be a great tale.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if there is a “teachers commentary” on this story.

  2. My wife and I just finished reading “Keeping Holiday”. Starr had sent us a copy after visiting with us this October. I enjoyed it so much I am buying copies for all the families with children under 20 at our church. It may be labeled Fiction/juvenile – ages 5 and up, however at 68 I throughly enjoyed it and wrestled through the trip that Dylan and Clare undertake. This is a wonderful book that allows you to see the thought process that everyone the Founder has found should take to look within their spirit and see what fruit is developing in them. Thank you Starr, Don

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