Tyndale Bulletin Essay on the Center of Biblical Theology Now Online

I have just been notified that my essay on the center of biblical theology published in Tyndale Bulletin in 2006 is now online:

The Glory of God in Salvation through Judgment: The Centre of Biblical Theology? (that’s not a typo, and that’s not me deploying British spelling; the editors changed my American spellings to the British ones). I’m glad this is now online!

See also: “The Center of Biblical Theology in Acts: Deliverance and Damnation Display the Divine,” Themelios 33.3 (2008), 34-47.

And my manuscript on a book project on the center of Biblical Theology arguing for this center is due to Crossway January 1, 2010. I would appreciate your prayers that the Lord would enable me to help his people, particularly the shepherds and teachers of his people, understand the Bible in a deeper way (borrowing the motto of the ESV Study Bible).

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  1. J. B. Hood March 20, 2009 at 6:21 am #

    Hi Jim,

    While I don’t think this makes for the best “center” or “centre” for biblical theology (I’m with Waltke and others on the inbreaking of the kingdom of God as the center), I really appreciate the emphasis on this theme. I am doing a series on 1 Sam right now and was reminded of your thesis: the juxtaposition on glory/heavy hand (of jdgmnt), ca. 1 Sam 3-7ish, does a great job of showing this theme. Didn’t remember reading that in the article but I’m sure it’s in your fuller text.


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