How to Prepare for Second Semester Hebrew

As we cross the finish line for the fall semester, we know that a starting line is just in front of us. The end of the fall portends the beginning of the spring. If you’ve just finished your first semester of Hebrew, Solomon has a word for you:

“Go to the ant, you sluggard, consider its ways and be wise” (Prov 6:6). 

If you’re here at SBTS, you have a big chunk of time between now and the start of the spring semester. You have more than 30 days. Be wise. Be like an ant. Be diligent. Here’s what I recommend you do to get ready for the second semester of Hebrew. 

No matter what grammar you used for the first semester, and no matter what grammar you’ll use in class for the second semester, go buy this one: 

Get the book, the workbook, and the DVD’s, and take an hour a day and work through the first 27 chapters. Do this: 

(1) read the text of the chapter you’re studying

(2) watch the accompanying chapter lecture on the DVD

(3) go back over the text of the chapter in the book, and do not proceed to step (4) until you can answer the questions at the end of the chapter

(4) do the homework exercises in the book 

(5) do all accompanying drill sheets for the chapter in the workbook. 

Chances are, there are things from the first weeks of the first semester that are a little fuzzy. If you go back over everything with Dr. Fuller, reading the book, watching the DVD’s, and doing the Homework and Workbook exercises, you will nail the material from the first semester. It’s worth it. We’re talking about being able to read the Bible. In the original Hebrew. 

This will prepare you for the second semester. Don’t try to work ahead. Go back over what you’ve already covered. It will pay dividends. 

My review of Fuller’s grammar is here. I think it’s the best one available. If you’re taking me for the second semester of Hebrew here at SBTS, because I didn’t have a crop of students for the first semester, I expect to inherit some students who used a different text, probably Ross, for the first semester. My plan for the second semester is to cover the material in such a way that whether you use Ross’s grammar or Fuller’s we’ll be on the same page in class. 


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  1. Fuller’s grammar is awesome. I had the chance to be in his class, he is the best teacher I have ever had.

    Blake Reas

  2. Dr. Hamilton,

    Be on the lookout for Brian Webster’s new elementary Hebrew grammar, probably due to come out within the next few months. Dr. Webster also has a PhD from Hebrew Union, so I’m sure many of his methods are similar to Fuller’s. However, Webster’s has an emphasis on technology, and I hear there is a sweet accompanying computer program that comes with it. I used Ross and thought it was horrible and I didn’t learn the language well, so I am tempted to get Fuller, but I think I’m gonna wait and go for Webster. I’ll let you know how I like it when it comes out and I go through it.

  3. Awesome. I’ve had a year off to study, so maybe I’m ahead of the curve, but I can’t wait to put this into practice. You remind me alot of my childhood mantra “test your might”, blatantly plagarized from the Mortal Kombat video game series. It is very refreshing to meet professors and mentors who actually expect one to do difficult things. Thank you.

  4. fyi
    Cambridge University Press notes that Brian Webster’s grammar arrives in April. His classes have inspired me to concentrate on OT studies, so I highly recommend his work!

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