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  1. This is a straw-man and just simply ignores the evidence. Everyone, including your president (Mohler), knows that if Roe were overturned that gives the decision back to the states to decide. Most probably wouldn’t (though some would, which would be great), but even the ones that did would most assuredly neighbor a state where it was legal, so it would be just a short trip away. So neither option gets rid of it, so reduction must be our goal, period. If you think, by your voting for Republicans, it’s going to go away for good then that is just wishful thinking. Also, to refuse to work with the other side because they use “reduction” rhetoric instead of “illegal” rhetoric is complete ludicrous (not saying this is what you’re doing, but it’s what I’ve observed). Both sides want to see it decrease, and our political ties and strongholds to one political ideology (thus refusing to work with the other) has neglected the unborn. Reduction must be our goal, and both sides want this.

  2. I wish it were so, Luke, but the new president has promised to sign FOCA, and abortions have demonstrably decreased during the Bush years.

    Moreover, Bush has defunded overseas agencies that do abortions, and Obama has promised to reverse that, too.


  3. Dr. Hamilton,

    I wouldn’t say they’ve “demonstrably decreased” during the Bush years. Rather, abortion has been declining for the last 20 years. It even dropped significantly under Clinton (a pro-choice democrat), and they have dropped a little under Bush. However, neither of these men (Clinton nor Bush) were the cause of the decrease. So I believe it’s not entirely accurate to think that president Bush is the reason there has been a small decrease in abortion.

    As to the FOCA, we shall see if he does, and we shall see what the effects are. When all the dust has settled, then we will see the truth. Before then, I’m not going to make any predictions. Like I said, people were fired up about Clinton for 8 years, and the rates decreased pretty significantly despite the evangelical rhetoric. Obama, too, wants to see the rates decrease (as do all people). To talk like he actively wants and desires women to get abortions, and that he claps for joy every time it happens (as many evangelicals talk like) is nothing but dishonest. I just wish many (I don’t include you here) would stop the demonizing rhetoric and fear-mongering and act like God is in control. There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it for 4 more years anyways.

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