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  1. Jim,
    Thanks for this post. I’ve been saying the same thing to anyone who will listen. Wilberforce receives our deserved acclaim, but who will be the Wilberforce against abortion? May God make a way! May God have mercy on us!

  2. Jim,
    Elegant, timely and forceful. Not a goad, but true question, “Could another sovereign nation declare and execute a just war against the U.S. because of her allowing the killing of the innocent?”

  3. Interesting question. What do you think?

    I don’t think it’s likely, b/c I don’t think there’s a nation that would defend the unborn.

    But it seems to me that they could justify it,


  4. It’s not even close to likely nor do I wish for it. However, if such a sovereign and recognized nation existed (not an individual person or group of kooks), I believe it is possible for them to justify bringing harm in the interest of freeing the innocent.

    It is probably far more complicated, so I make these statements with great caution.

  5. I wish I could weep as I ought for all the children made in the image of God who are slaughtered in this country. We are a nation deserving of the most severe judgment from God. The important issue in this election, it seems, was Americans’ greed and lust for more money, luxury, cars, retirement accounts, and the sickening habit of our incessant gluttony. We are unwilling to give up our “American freedoms,” yet we refuse to cast a sympathetic eye toward those who are deprived (without their consent) of the most basic human right – the life given to them by God Himself.
    I am a student at SBTS, and I attended Darrell Bock’s lectures last week. At what point do we refuse to have fellowship with those who cast their vote for a candidate who will continue, even intensify, the murder of babies? What will future generations of Christians say about us for continuing fellowship with those in the church who lend their support to an atrocity greater than the holocaust? Surely history can teach us a lesson here.

  6. Daniel,

    At the very least, I would observe that our concern with when to continue or break fellowship relates most directly to those with whom are in covenant as members of the same local church.

    There’s much more to say, but that’s where it starts for me,


  7. You’re honestly questioning about breaking fellowship with one of the nation’s greatest conservative scholars simply because he didn’t vote like you because he has different political (key word) ideologies (not moral convictions) than you? You honestly think Bock voted the way he did because he wants abortion to continue? I hate to break it to you, but even if Roe were overturned, abortion would still be extremely prevalent. This type of thinking is what’s so frustrating to people like myself who refuses to be a sellout to a particular party based upon the lip-service they give. If you think Bock (or those around him at DTS) is liberal, then you have no idea what a liberal is.

    That is tragic indeed.

  8. Amen, Jimbo!

    Luke’s comment came a while ago, and he may never see this. But, he apparently didn’t catch the beginning of this post. “Political” is not the key word here. Murder is. I don’t care what reason a person had for voting the way he or she did. If our abortion situation is indeed greater than the Holocaust (and it certainly is numbers-wise), then justifying a vote for Obama is like justifying a vote for Hitler- only worse! The only difference is that the pro-abortion movement has convinced so many that our Holocaust is acceptable.

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