How Much Christ in the Old Testament?

That was the topic of discussion yesterday. It was my privilege to participate in a panel discussion here at SBTS, and the audio file is here (HT: Awilum). 

My views have been shaped by the preaching, teaching, and writings of Drs. Thomas R. Schreiner, John Sailhamer, T. Desmond Alexander, Stephen G. Dempster, E. Earle Ellis, and N. T. Wright, among others. 

Here are my attemps to articulate my views that have found their way into print: 

“The Virgin Will Conceive: Typological Fulfillment in Matthew 1:18-23,” in Built upon the Rock: Studies in the Gospel of Matthew, ed. John Nolland and Dan Gurtner, 228-47. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2008 (for the presentation version, click the cover of the book on the right side of the page).

The Seed of the Woman and the Blessing of Abraham,” Tyndale Bulletin 58.2 (2007), 253-73.

The Messianic Music of the Song of Songs: A Non-Allegorical Interpretation,” Westminster Theological Journal 68 (2006) 331-45.

The Skull Crushing Seed of the Woman: Inner-Biblical Interpretation of Genesis 3:15,” The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 10.2 (2006), 30-54.

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  1. Hi,

    I have listened to the audio and found the discussion intriguing and insightful. However, the audio seems to have ended at a strange point. There was supposed to be a back and forth between Professor Hamilton and Gentry (I guessed) on the issue of how legitimate Joseph is considered a type but only Hamilton’s response is recorded right before the end.. should I be expecting more audio material to be made available later?

    God bless
    Edward Sim

  2. Dr. Hamilton,
    Thanks for the link I listened to it on my long run last weekend. It was very insightful and helpful. Hope all is going well for you–Dirk

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