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  1. Brother Jim,

    I’m greatly encouraged by this post – not necessarily for the plug of the book per se – but to see the concern that you have for those other than your own culture – and those right down the street. And not just the concern – but the recognition that this is a whole different culture with a different set of assumptions and perspectives that need to be understood and be able to be challenged by the truths of the gospel/Scripture.

    Keep encouraging us to fulfill the Great Commission – to not just be willing to go 1000 miles to make disciples – but to go accross the street, around the corner, and even on the other side of town….

    Jude 2-3,


  2. Wow! I like Q’s comment there about not just being willing to go 1000 miles but to go across the street and around the corner. Its not always white people’s fault though. The fact is a lot of black people hate us and the only way to bridge that hatred is the power of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Brother,

    What a powerful post! You have inspired me to be better at hitting a community that I definitely have some familiarity with. If you could keep blogging about your personal experiences in witnessing and making disciples that would be great.

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