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  1. Good article. It is alarming to me how materialistic so many Christian’s worldview is. Dr. Russell puts it well,

    “When the gospel comes with power and conviction, an African ex-animist or an Asian ex-ancestor worshipper is able to read the Bible better than an American ex-rationalist can, precisely because, at this point, their idolatries are closer to the truth of God than ours are.”

    Of course there are many neighborhoods in the US where belief in demons and Satan is pretty normal and many churches where spiritual warfare is pretty normal too. Its only when you mention them to middle class educated people that you find an unbiblical scepticism. Last semester I told in Dr. Laing’s Systematic Theology class about the time I saw demons cast out of a guy at church and you could sense the tension and uncomfortableness ion the room. It disturbs me to see Christians who have trouble believing in the supernatural; its just not biblcal.

  2. That “snake” in the pictures sure looks like an allegator to me!!?? Am I looking at it wrong?

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