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  1. It used be generally accepted that it was God first, family second, and country third. Now, with the influence of liberalism making government into a surrogate God, its government first and family second and God wherever you want. Persecution is coming to America too. If it can happen to Canada, it can happen here.

  2. Dr. Hamilton,

    Thank you for your post. I am a Canadian working on my MDiv here at SWBTS (A commentary on the state of Canada in itself, in that I had to uproot my family and move them 2500 miles away from home to receive a conservative biblical education), and it has saddened me to find out how unaware Americans are of what is happening in my country.

    I look very forward to returning to ministry in Canada, although I know it will not be easy. Not only are government and society becoming uber-liberal, but sadly many “evangelical” churches have slid to the left as well. Fewer and fewer Canadian churches are willing to stake their claim on God’s Word, but instead choose to adapt to culture.

    Canada is in great need of men of God who are willing to lead God’s people, without compromise regardless of the consequences. For anyone out there looking for a mission field (albeit a hostile one) just head to your neighbor to the North.

    Thanks again for this post, and for your blog. I always appreciate what you have to say.


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