A Chiasm in Daniel?

I’m putting this out there because I find it intriguing. I welcome comments–does this chiastic structure for the book of Daniel work? I know that it is slightly unbalanced with chapter 2 being matched by chapters 7-9 and chapter 1 being balanced by chapters 10-12. Does that invalidate it? Is it likely that Daniel intended this?


Daniel 1–Daniel Exiled

Daniel 2–Nebuchadnezzar’s Vision (Statue representing four kingdoms)

Daniel 3–Deliverance from the Fiery Furnace

Daniel 4–Nebuchadnezzar Humbled (seven years of insanity)

Daniel 5–Belshazzar Humbled (handwriting on the wall)

Daniel 6–Deliverance from the Lion’s Den

Daniel 7-9–Daniel’s Visions (Four kingdoms represented in various ways)

Daniel 10-12–Daniel’s Vision of the End of the Exile


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