Mitch Maher against Biblical Illiteracy

We are all aware of the growing phenomenon of biblical illiteracy, and I sometimes hear people who minister in churches complain that the mammoth proportions of the problem make it difficult to teach and preach because it is necessary to keep things at such a basic level.

One of my classmates from DTS days, Mitch Maher, has set out to address this problem. He has developed a basic over-view of the whole Bible called “Clarifying the Bible.” You can check it out at Mitch was discipled by Tommy Nelson of Denton Bible Church, and I know him from our days together in a Hebrew Exegesis elective. He is a clear and likable communicator, and he knows his stuff. The year we graduated, Mitch was chosen by the faculty to preach in chapel, and one of our profs told me his sermon was one of the best he had heard in the DTS chapel. He now pastors Fellowship Bible Church of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

At the website, you can check out a preview video that will give you a taste for what the DVD looks like, and if you are looking to host a conference, Mitch’s contact info is available.

May the Lord use Mitch and this project to turn the tide of biblical illiteracy in evangelical churches!

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