The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, by Mark Dever

Mark Dever’s latest book, The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, arrived on my doorstep a couple days ago, and what I’ve read so far has me convinced that this is a book for every Christian. I think I’ll get a copy for every member of our church.

Dever starts with a grabbing story in the Introduction, then asks seven questions in his seven chapters:

1) Why Don’t We Evangelize?

2) What Is the Gospel?

3) Who Should Evangelize?

4) How Should We Evangelize?

5) What Isn’t Evangelism?

6) What Should We Do After We Evangelize?

7) Why Should We Evangelize?

These simple questions get clear, profound answers worth everyone’s consideration. Dever’s Conclusion is then a clear statement about human ability and the need for regeneration.

Following the main body of the book is a list of recommended books on evangelism, and then “A Word to Pastors” is appended to the end.

Every pastor should read this book. Every Christian should read this book. If you read only one thing this year, make sure you read the Bible. But if you read anything else in addition to the Bible, you should read The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever.

May the Lord use this book to help the saints share the Gospel, may there be much fruit, and may the Lord gain many worshipers!

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  1. A sincere thanks for giving Stephenie and I a copy of this book. We are looking forward to going through it. Stephenie and I thoroughly enjoyed the House Show last night and were glad you and Jill were there.

    Thanks again for your generosity.

  2. Interesting. I do agree with you on a number of issueshere. Just wrote something on my blog on evangelism that you might possibly find thought provoking.

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