Graham A. Cole, He Who Gives Life

Graham A. Cole’s new book, He Who Gives Life: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, arrived on my doorstep just a few minutes ago.

Given my work on this topic, I went straight to his Excursus where he asks, “Were OT Believers Regenerate?,” and I was pleased to find that he holds the position that “OT saints were regenerated but not indwelt by the Spirit” (145). This is exactly the position that I argue for, though it seems my argument appeared too late for him to interact with the book length treatment (he cites only my Trinity Journal article, a short version of which became chapter 2).

It’s extremely encouraging to find that I agree with this important book, and I’m eager to read his excursus on whether the gifts have ceased. You’ll want to get a copy for yourself.

May this book help you know the Spirit who indeed gives life!

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