Amen to Moore on Schreiner’s Commentary and Character

Dr. Russ Moore pays a nice tribute to my Ph.D. mentor, Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner, with which I couldn’t agree more. I often say that I think I learned more from Dr. Schreiner listening to his preaching at Clifton Baptist Church and interacting with him there than I did at SBTS. Not that I didn’t learn a ton from him at school, it was just so heartening to hear this famous New Testament scholar preach the Bible–he really believes it! And through all his work shines a sincere love for the Lord and his people.

Some scholars dispute almost everything they hear, but Dr. Schreiner often demonstrates the humility necessary to agree with and learn from other people. Sometimes people like to maintain a certain mystique, but Dr. Schreiner is disarmingly approachable, often insisting that he is just an ordinary person. Some scholars pursue their work without reference to the church, not so with Schreiner.

I could go on and on, but I praise God for everything I learned about doing scholarship and life for the glory of God from Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner.

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  1. Amen to that. What a wonderful man. He’s truly a hero. And I like what you said about his humility. He’s coming to our church in February, and I’m incredibly excited. As you said, he puts everyone at ease, makes everyone feel special, gives everyone respect.

  2. Jim,
    Indeed one could go on and on. It is his humility that keeps on coming through day after day (as well as his love for his students). There is none of that “scholarly mystery” about him. He is a pastor-scholar, and may many young men strive to follow his lead. I am one of those who has been profoundly influenced by our mentor.

    Good post.

    Still adjusting to calling him “Tom.” It’s not easy!

  3. Dr. Hamilton,

    We used Schreiner’s work in an exegesis course on Romans at SWBTS (main campus with Dr. John Taylor). Frankly, I have never read anybody or /a scholar who is so devoted to the truthfulness of Scripture, rigorous exegesis, and the glory of God then Tom Schreiner. Schreiner has displayed reverence, when it comes to dealing with Scriptures. I just hope one day I will have an opportunity to do doctoral study at southern under his supervision.

    I truly regret it for not having the opportunity to take any course with Schreiner when I was doing my M.Div. at Southern seminary.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. I bought one of Dr. Schreiner’s books (Paul: Apostle of God’s Glory in Christ) at a local used book store.

    The tome is thick and I have not read it through, though I have used it as reference in my studies, and have found it to be a great help.

    It is outstanding though not surprising to hear your testimony regarding this learned man.

  5. dr. hamilton,

    i graduated from sbts in 2003 and benefited much from dr. schreiner as well. even as a mdiv (as opposed to a phd like yourself!), dr. schreiner was always helpful and approachable and encouraging. thanks for highlighting this gift to God’s church!

    i also wanted to tell you that i appreciated and benefited from you filling in for dr. seifrid a couples days for an exegesis class on galatians. the crash-course on discourse analysis was very helpful and has benefited by sermon prep ever since!



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