The Heaven Book

What would it be like to have a grandfather who, as a drew near to death, had virtually everything the Bible indicates about the next life on the tip of his tongue?

What would it be like to listen to an aged man with so much Bible flowing from his lips help his grandson understand the death of his wife (his grandson’s grandmother)?

What would it be like to listen to this man prepare his grandson for the day when he (his grandson’s grandfather) draws near to death?

What would it be like to hear him tell his grandson that he’s ready to stand before the Lord because Christ is his only hope in life and in death?

Now, in a sense, you don’t have to wonder what that would be like. Randy Alcorn has given us a book that depicts just such a grandfather having these kinds of conversations with his grandson.

Tell Me About Heaven is classified as “juvenile fiction,” so my three year old son no doubt missed much of the book’s rich content. Nevertheless, as we made our way through it, every night he was eager to read “The Heaven Book.”

As the years go by, we’ll revisit this one, and I hope that when I come to die I can speak so freely on what the Bible says about heaven as the grandfather in this book does.

What a God! What a gospel! What a Savior! Hallelujah!

Thanks to Randy Alcorn for this moving story, and thanks to Ron DiCianni for the beautiful illustrations that held my three year old’s attention!

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