Everlasting Dominion, by Eugene H. Merrill

I had the privilege of studying under Dr. Merrill at Dallas Theological Seminary, and I praise God for his gentlemanly example, sincere concern for students, and commitment to the word of God. I have been particularly helped by his book on Old Testament history, Kingdom of Priests, as well as by his commentary on Deuteronomy. Dr. Merrill is a no-nonsense Old Testament scholar who reads the Old Testament through the lens of the story it tells of itself rather than the one imposed upon it by modern scholars who have made up a story all their own.

Dr. Merrill is to be congratulated on the completion of his theology of the Old Testament, Everlasting Dominion. Lord willing, I’ll write a more substantive review of this book, but this post is to obey the Old Testament injunction to do reverence to my elder, stand in his presence, and show him honor for the glory of God (Lev 19:32).

Finishing a book like this is a great acheivement, so congratulations to Dr. Merrill, and may the Lord use this book to open the eyes of many to the wonders of the word of God!

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