The Reformation: How a Monk and a Mallet Changed the World

Stephen J. Nichols has done it again! Following a number of helpful books along these lines, Nichols has once again provided a masterful summary that would benefit every Christian.

This book gives a bird’s eye view of the whole Reformation (don’t be misled by the subtitle, it is about much more than just brother Martin). Here we have a balanced presentation of everything from the standard Reformers to the Anabaptists, with a helpful chapter on the untold story of significant women of the Reformation.

The book has its own website, with a gallery of sketches of key figures and events, helpful charts, pointers on what to read next, and links to significant sights of the Reformation. You can download the introduction and chapter 1 here, and you can search the whole book on the Crossway site.

This book tells the story so well that I’m going to suggest that my wife read it (and I’m very selective about this, so that’s a high compliment), and this is one we’ll be keeping on hand in our church book stall. Enjoy!

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