God’s Indwelling Presence: Chapter 3 Online

What does the Old Testament have to say about the dwelling of God? Does it indicate that God indwelt members of the old covenant remnant? What about those figures in the OT that we read about having the Spirit? What about passages like Jeremiah 31 (law on the hearts) and Ezekiel 36 (“I will put my Spirit within you”)?

B&H has made the Table of Contents and chapter 3 of God’s Indwelling Presence available on this website. The chapter is titled “Not in but with in the Old Testament.” You can check it out by going to this page, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking “Read a Sample Chapter” (don’t right click and open in a new window or tab, just click it).


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  1. Hello,
    I read your chapter on the Holy Spirit in the fourth Gospel but I have a question out of context. If you were to write a dissertation on JOhn what are some of the number of issues that will be of interest to you?

    From a reader who reads your blog frequently and is passionate about John’s Gospel.


  2. James,

    Thanks for your note.

    As for possible dissertations on John, the best thing to do is find some issue that you’re passionate about and seek to discern whether the scholarly discussion on that issue is either (1) wrong, (2) deficient, or (3) the right position has been neglected and/or ignored.

    There are a host of possible topics. I recommend that you begin reading a chapter (or more) of John every day in Greek, and while you’re doing that jump into recent scholarship on John. Start with G. E. Ladd’s chapter on John in his New Testament Theology, then read Frank Thielman’s chapter in his New Testament Theology, read everything that Richard Bauckham has written relating to John’s Gospel (including his recent Jesus and the Eyewitnesses), and if you can, find some other dissertation or scholarly book on John that you can read.

    All this should turn up a topic. Questions on John’s interpretation of the OT are always interesting to me. . .

    Hope this helps!


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