What Will You Do When the Bulls Run?

Biblical illiteracy is rampaging through our culture like a bull through the streets of Pamplona. We won’t put a stop to it by fleeing, but by facing the beast and, though it trample us, standing our ground.

Maybe that’s a little extreme, since reading the Bible won’t necessarily be physically dangerous for you, but it is not desperate enough. The great challenge of our day is for Christians to be truly heroic, and true heroes live in reality. Part of being a hero is recognizing what is most important, and another part is acting in a manner that corresponds with that recognizing. We Christians must recognize that there are few things more important for us than reading and knowing the Bible, and we need to act heroically and read it! By reading the Bible, we can save the West. Think that’s an overstatement?

Our spiritual lives are sustained by the Word of God. The health of our churches is sustained by the spiritual life of its members. The future of Western Culture depends on the health of our churches.

Therefore, the future of Western Culture is directly linked to biblical literacy among Christians. Biblical literacy is directly linked to whether Christians stand and face the bull and read the Bible.

Can you put a stop to your hectic life long enough to change the world by reading the Bible every day this year?

There are handy tools available, such as the HCSB One Year Reading Bible:

Whatever fears you may have about doing it. Whatever reasons there may be for not doing it. However likely it may seem that the romping bull will indeed tread you under foot, or rather, hoof. I can promise you that it will be much, much worse if you do not stop running, face the beast, and read the Bible.

Be a hero. Save the west. Change the world. Read the Bible.

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