I got a note from an old friend today asking if I had written anything on baptism. That prompted me to search my blog for the things I’ve written on Baptism, and I thought maybe others would be interested in these links as well:

Why Don’t Baptists Commune with Presbyterians?

Baptism, Church Membership, and “Together for the Gospel”

Baptism, Baptist History, and Church Membership

In these posts I link to some things others wrote or said:

The Future of Baptist Theology according to Timothy George

Luther on Baptism

What Is Baptism and Is It Worth Dying For?

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  1. Just thought I’d let you know that the first three links all lead to “Baptism, Baptist History, and Church Membership,” and the second three links all lead to “What is Baptism and is it worth dying for?”

    I’d like to read your articles regarding this issue, but am only able to read one of them by following these links!



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