Blessed by a Well Known Brother

Because I don’t want to steal anybody’s reward, I’m not going to name the brother who blessed me. But I am going to tell this story and show you what he gave me, so his identity might not be hard to figure out. Actually, it’ll probably be obvious. 

I got to sit down with Justin Taylor at ETS, and as we were making our way to a table to visit, we happened upon a well known pastor who has joined Together for the Gospel with some other well known people. As Justin introduced us, he mentioned that I had played baseball in college, which met with an enthusiastic reception. Many, many people, including myself, have been blessed by this brother’s ministry, but he went out of his way to thank me for the things I’ve written. 

Then I received a note in the mail today, accompanied by these two CD’s:



and these three books:



I hear that this brother is well known for this kind of generosity—what a reputation! And I want to publicly praise God for him and his remarkable humility and concern for those under him in the Lord. May his tribe increase, may we all be so generous and humble, and may all the glory go to God. 

These CD’s are spectacular, and I heartily commend them to you. The Cross Centered Life is one we should all pursue. Who doesn’t need Humility? And God will be honored as we strive to make our marriages a picture of the Gospel, a gladsome part of which is Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God. You will not regret buying and reading these books.

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