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  1. Jim, in the Southern Baptist Texan, Ledbetter talks about how music has changed from singing to God or about God to singing songs that are individual-minded like “When He was on the Cross, I was on his mind”. Murrow carries it even further mentioning music that puts a passionate emphasis on Christ that is from a feminine perspective and it’s driving men away from the church. One song I want to mention is “Draw Me Close to You” which could be done as a praise song or a love song for your mate. I personally feel a very special closeness to God and don’t see anything wrong in individual worship, just so it’s about God and not focusing us. I would like your opinion on this if possible.

  2. Debbie,

    My only thought is that some things appeal more to women than they do to men. That’s not wrong or bad, just the way it is. . .

    My preference is for songs that speak of the great things God has done in Christ. Rich theology put to good poetic language with fitting music connects with me.

    Hope this helps!


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