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  1. It’s ironic actually. What westerners often fail to appreciate is that in dealing with the Muslim world you are basically dealing with medieval man. I don’t mean this as an insult at all either. The Muslim world did not go through all the succesive stages of civilization that the west did such as the renaissance, the 18th century enlightenment, the age of Darwinian materielism. You basically have people whose ideals, beliefs and values are closer to our and their medieval ancestors than to the 21st century west. The ironic thing is that in many ways they are also closer to the biblical ideal than the secular western world is. I have Muslim friends in Britain, friends who desperatley want to see the USA fall and they admit this freely-that the secualr west is an abomination to them. The thing is, for the Bible believing Christian we have probably as much or more in common with most Muslims than with secular westerners. Maybe that can be a common ground sort of starting point in our dialogue with them. My Muslim friends respect me because I hate Hollywood’s assault on the family just as much as they do. They are often genuinely surprised to hear that American women are not all power hungry sluts like they seem to be in the movies or that many ordinary Americans are as disgusted with the immorality and filth of contemporary western culture as they are. When they find this out we have a starting point at least.

  2. Dr. Hamilton,
    I am reminded once again of the great task before-of sharing the message of Christ and his Gospel with the lost, particularly the muslims.



  3. I asked a professor about the question ‘Do Muslims, Christians, and Jews have the same God?’
    What he told me was that Muhummed said he believed in the God of the Christian and Jew but he was fed up with thier witness. This is the same thing I heard about Ghandi and the reason he would not accept the Christian Faith.
    So do we as Christians act like the rest of the World?
    We say our God is a god of Peace and Love, but what about the old testament that God commanded the Jews to wipe out every canaanite in the land they were to Possess.

    I do believe the God of the New is the Same as the God of the Old Testament. Our problem is How long will we test God before he pours out his Wrath instead of his Love?

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