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  1. Good stuff. This is a good example of why it is important to read these guys in their own historical context. Luther was being faithful to the Word of God even though in practice he retained many of the traditions that had been added over the centuries. Some Lutheran scholars refer to Luther’s unfortunate medieval retentions. We have to remember that the reformers were basically rebuilding biblical Christianity from scratch and it is grossly unfair when we judge them out of their context for not going as far as Baptists later would on such things as baptism. We are all to some extent creations of the age in which we live and let us not be too proud about our not holding to the traditions of men until we can stop teaching unscriptural things such as-that drinking alcohol is a sin or that people are supposed to give ten percent of their income to a local church or that Christians shouldn’t dance or whatever man made traditions we have overlaid the pure word of God with.

  2. Nice. Certainly baptism is something every believer should do. I’m not sure it is mandatory for the lords supper and ‘priviledges’ of the local church is too vague, but I do see how it is for some priviledges.

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