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  1. I find it interesting that Dr. Mohler sees Dr. Page as one who has changed his mind on the issue. I on the other hand am not fully convinced that Dr. Page has completely changed his mind. On Dr. Page’s church website they have listed a woman as “minister to adults.” Now maybe this is questioning too much, but isn’t that a pastorial role? It doesn’t seem to limit her to women’s ministry, and there is no male counterpart. This indicates to me that my view of a “pastor” is different than his. Is the title of “minister” different than “pastor” and does giving a woman the title minister keep Dr. Page from breaking this statement from the BFM 2000?

    ” the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture”

    I’m just curious on your thoughts about this–Dirk

  2. I haven’t been to the website you reference, but I suspect (and hope!) that they are distinguishing between “Minister” and “Pastor.” As you know, the word “Pastor” is equivalent to “Elder” and “Bishop” in the NT. So if that’s the distinction they’re making they’re not in conflict with the BF&M 2000. It would be important that such a distinction be maintained, and that 1 Tim 2:12 be followed. . .


  3. We are all considered ministers. It is not a title used in the reference in Ephesians as to the Pastor, teacher, apostle, bishop and elder. When we use our spiritual gifts, we are ministering to people.

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