Reading and Hearing Biblical Hebrew

The Central Library for the Blind in Israel has a phenomenal tool for anyone trying to learn Biblical Hebrew. They are offering their recording of the Hebrew Bible, the whole thing, in Hebrew, for $50! Go here: and click on the link near the middle of the page on the right that says, “The Bible Recording Narrated by S. Bertonov.”

While I’m posting on Hebrew, I should mention that the main factors in learning the biblical languages (or any language) are persistence and consistency, not intelligence and good grades in the courses. Anyone can learn this stuff if they never quit. No one should expect to be able to read a sentence full of words and forms and constructions they have never seen before simply because they have taken 2 (or 8!) semesters of the language. Yet we all, and I include myself, get discouraged when we come to something that we can’t quite make out. The key is to go over it and over it and over it again. If we hope for success, we must read Hebrew and Greek every day. Let the discouragement go to the birds, and keep reading and re-reading the text!

This recording of Hebrew is a great tool, and listening to the reader while following along with an open Hebrew Bible can move us through a lot of text quickly. I recommend working through the translation of a chapter, then listening to Sholomo Bertonov read it a time or two.

May God bless the reading and the hearing of his most holy word!

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