Judgment on the Harlot Babylon: A Sermon on Revelation 17–18

May the message of Revelation 17–18 keep us from whoring ourselves on the immoral wine of the condemned strumpet. May the Lord keep us from temptation by convincing us that the things that we are drawn to are satanic and destructive. The judgment on these hellish lies is certain. You can listen to my sermon on Revelation 17–18 here.

I’ve been in England for 3 weeks on the SWBTS Oxford Study Tour. I hope to post a highlight video I made of the trip somewhere online, but at present the video is 205MB. Please alert me if you know of a place that will let me post something that big for free.

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  1. Jim, Good to have ya back. I hope Oxford was okay. I’m about to head over to the UK myself in about 3 weeks! Ph.D thesis is pretty much done – it’s up to the Lord now as to how it pans out. Although I am glad to say that Aussie Ph.Ds have no oral defense! I look forward to listening to your sermon when I get a chance. I love that part of Revelation. My pastor preached on it a year ago, I remember him saying that those merchants who wail at the destruction of Babylon are alot like a drug addict mourning the arrest of his drug dealer!

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