A Call to Reformation: Chapter 2, The Church

Much of evangelicalism seems to have a "take it or leave it" attitude to the Church. For some, regular attendance at a parachurch meeting counts as church membership. Is this a legitimate approach to being the bride of Christ? Acknowledging that believing Christians disagree on the nature of the church, I am convinced that there is a way to be and do church that is most biblical. That’s what I try to defend in this chapter, titled, "Being the Church the Biblical, Baptist Way: How and Why Baptists ‘Do Church.’" Here’s an outline of the chapter’s contents:

I. Baptist, Why Bother?

II. Church Leadership in the New Testament

A. A Plurality of Elders Who Are Equals

B. Deacons Who Serve

III. The Two Primary Baptist Distinctives

A. Believer’s Baptism by Immersion

B. Regenerate Church Membership

IV. Trying To "Do Church" Like the New Testament Churches

A. Congregationalism and Elders Who Lead

B. Church Discipline

C. Can Anybody Here Count?

D. Local Church Autonomy

V. Why Bother with the SBC?

May the Lord work in us what pleases him, that his bride might stand unblemished before him!

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