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  1. Dr. Hamilton, what do you think is the best way to pray for the persecuted church? Should I pray to the LORD for their physical deliverance (security), their perseverance in the faith, or their ability to “die well”? Or all of these? What should be the overriding “theme” of my prayers for these precious people?

    In relation to myself, should I pray for persecution? What should be the overriding “theme” of my prayers for myself?

    Sorry for the deluge of queries, but I was interested in your thoughts on this, Thanks.

  2. Ched,

    I think we should follow what we see in Acts 4, when after persecution the early church prays for boldness in speaking the Word.

    And for ourselves, we should pray that the Lord would make us faithful unto death, whether that be the quick death of a martyr or the long slow life of taking up the cross for the people of God and laying down our lives by serving them for the glory of God in the good of the church.



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