Children’s Books that Clifton Baptist Church Recommends

We were blessed to be members at Clifton Baptist Church in Louisville when we were there, and my sweet wife found this list of childrens books they recommend. I thought maybe someone else might be as interested in this as I am.

• Douglas Bond’s The Crown & Covenant Series (Rebel’s Keep, King’s Arrow,War)     

• John Bunyan’s  Dangerous Journey 

• Edith’s The Big Picture Bible Time Line 

• Sinclair Ferguson’s  The Big Book of Questions & Answers about Jesus 

• David Helm’s The Big Picture Story Bible 

• Susan Hunt’s Big Truths for Little Kids and My ABC Bible Verses 

• Ella Lindvall’s Read-Aloud Bible Stories vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4 

• Carnie Mackenzie’s My 1st Book of Questions & Answers, My 1st Book of Memory Verses, God is Kind (board book), Stories Jesus Told series (2 board books) 

• Bible Wise & Bible Time series (2 books), The Followers of Jesus, and The Caring Creator. 

• Joni Eareckson Tada’s Hymns for Kid’s Heart (vol. 1) 

• Kenneth Taylor’s The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes 

• Catherine Vos’ Child’s Story Bible

We don’t have many of these, but I’m sure we’ll check them out in coming days.

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  1. Thanks Dr. H. We are looking for new material for our fall family devotion. This is a great place to start. The Baptist Catechism was also great stuff back in April!

    See you soon!

  2. Hey, Jim.

    Just a few clarifications…

    The “2 board books” or “2 books” listed by Carine Mackenzie’s books are the number of books on the Clifton bookstall. Both sets of books mentioned (Stories Jesus Told series, Bible Wise & Bible Time series) actually have many more than 2 books in each series.

    The Bible Wise & Bible Time Series, The Followers of Jesus, and the Caring Creator are also by Carnie Mackenzie (you have it listed as a separate bullet point).

    Most of these books were recommended by a variety of Clifton families.

    Blessings to you,
    Dee Reju (Staff at Clifton Baptist Church)

  3. The Sugar Creek Gang by Paul Hutchens is extraordinary for older children. I read it to my 8 year old and 5 year old every night at bedtime. There are 36 books in the original series. It is published by Moody.

    There is also a new updated series, but I haven’t read any of the modernized volumes.

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